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Our insightful, valuable pet market research service is used by major pet brands to get the greatest understanding of their customers habits, thoughts and opinions.

Total Pet Publishing

At Total Pet Publishing we can reach the most highly targeted pet owning consumers thanks to more than 10 years of delivering personalised digital media content, collecting invaluable – double opt in – consumer information and building a trusted relationship with millions of pet owners. For brands seeking to find out what their customers think about any pet related topics, products or services, or even exploring new market opportunities, our petbuzz insights product is unrivalled.
Our research is regularly sought by some of the pet industry's most notable brands as it reaches 100% of the right audience targeting campaigns to be best possible audience group from the start which results in a more comprehensive campaign. Our consumer driven PR campaigns have gained coverage across a variety of national and local newspapers, women’s consumer lifestyle magazines and national and local broadcast. Examples of coverage achieved are available upon request.
In addition, we guarantee to run all releases which develop from our petbuzz insights market research services on 10+ targeted, high traffic pet sites – there are no other publishers who can offer, or guarantee this! Our internal campaigns have been sought for everything from product development and trialing for marketing purposes, market analysis with a view to expanding brand reach to forming the basis of an education drive (particularly appealing to clients in the pharmaceutical industry).
Total Pet Publishing operates a portfolio of media properties serving more than 10 million pet owners worldwide. We publish magazines, websites and books that engage with pet owners through every point of the pet ownership lifecycle. Alongside our media properties we engage with pet owners via popular social media platforms, video and we're regularly featured in the mainstream media.


Work with us to develop a compelling pet market research angle. We have experience in delivering compelling pet owner research studies for brands in all areas of the pet sector. This, coupled with our track record in delivering pertinent, revealing insight in to pet owner trends, habits and opinions ensures we also get the maximum impact when generating media coverage for our research packets.


Access our highly engaged, highly targeted audience of pet owners with a custom research survey. Our unique proposition involves speed and accuracy. We can reach a massive audience of pet owners, drill down by laser targeted demographics and receive comprehensive responses all within a matter of hours. No other company on the planet can offer the level of targeting and speed of reach we provide.


Using our tried and tested analysis model to evaluate the data and prepare it for media distribution. Once all research data has been gathered and analysed, we will work closely with you to develop the most effective media distribution strategy. Our previous market research campaigns have received national, industry and local media coverage reaching millions of consumers and decision makers.

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