Pet Supplement Boundaries Blurred, Says New Research

26 March 2013
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26 March 2013, Comments: 0

Following double-digit annual sales gains in years past, the U.S. market for pet supplements and nutraceutical treats has begun to moderate in a manner suggesting marketers will need to work harder to remain relevant. With hundreds of products batting for limited shelf space, selling pet supplements means educating consumers and retailers about their benefits and differences, with veterinarians remaining the toughest customers of all. Clinical testing, proprietary formulas, the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) seal of approval, novel ingredients, natural ingredients, retail merchandising, and social media programs are all parts of the competitive equation as, now more than ever, the sale of one pet supplement or nutraceutical treat comes at the expense of another.

This 4th edition of Packaged Facts’ definitive Pet Supplements and Nutraceutical Treats in the U.S. report segments the market into two categories—pet supplements and nutraceutical treats (i.e., those containing supplements or novel botanical ingredients addressing specific health conditions)—with a primary focus on products for dogs and cats, but also extending to horses and other types of small companion animals.

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